Saturday, 12 December 2009

My latest project. A 21st Birthday book for Hannah commisioned by her Family. Hannah's mum gave me so many wonderful photos and tons of information that this book was an absolute joy to work on and I really felt I 'knew' Hannah byt the end of it, even though we've never met. Hope you enjoy looking as much as I did creating it and special thanks to Hannah's Mum for giving me the chance to work on it. It was a joy.

Boo x

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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Some more books just completed

Hi everyone,
I thought I'd share some more books I recently completed with you all. These are 8x8 and published via ArtsCow. I would normally only use Shutterfly but since I got a really good deal with these I thought I'd try them out with some personal books I made as Christmas Gifts and I have to say I'm delighted with them.

First up is a book I made for Elly's Grandparents for Christmas. Its a 39 page 8x8 and let me tell you, its not so easy to fill 39 pages lol.

I used all the photos she had of her holiday in Portugal with her Dad and Grandparents. Since we named her Elise after the Cure song Letter to Elise it seemed like a good idea to call her book A Letter 'From' Elise. What do you think?

The second part of the book contains one page layouts that i've made at various points in time. Since they measured 12x12 they havn't come out on the page as well as they could have. A good learning point for me re measurments etc lol but overall, I'm really pleased with how it turned out. The delivary was pretty good too and color was great.

Don't forget to let the books load fully ( you should be able to see the pages clearly) to enjoy the full beauty of each page. These are graphic intensive and take time to load.

My son Mike is currently serving over in Afghanistan and will be there over Christmas. Before he went he asked me to create a special book for him and his wife Trisha depicting their journey from dating to now. I really loved working on this book but let me tell you, its no joke trying to put together something like this with just a handful of photos's. I had to sneak into their facebook photoalbums to snag what I could without Trisha finding out, lol.

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Patrick and Carol Wedding I finally completed and ordered this book for our friends Pat and Carole and gave it to them at lunch last week. I think they were very pleased with it judging by the big smiles. They had no idea I had been putting this together so it was a real treat to see their reactions as they flicked through the pages. Everything was themed around their wedding color theme and I even managed to extract some of the gorgeous lilies used in Carole's bouquet

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There are more books to show but they will be posted after Christmas, just in case some prying eyes get wind and come to check out what I've made for them hehe.

I'm sure there will be more books to view soon so please make sure you bookmark this site and check back often. If you would like a book creating please email me for further details at

Thanks for looking
Boo x

Monday, 20 April 2009

Here is my latest project...


A gorgeous Memory Book for 18 year old Hannah. I loved working on this book. In fact, Jay will testify to this fact as I was up most nights until the wee small hours working on it, lol.

Hannah is such a delightful young lady and I hope I've been able to catch a glimpse of her personality within these pages.

Other news. I received Ben and Jennies' Wedding book this week. Its always so exciting seeing for real a new book and I wasn't disappointed. Shutterfly once again have gone above and beyond my expectations with their superb quality and delivery service. The book is awesome and I can't wait to give it to them.

Don't forget, if you would like a Booland Memory Book creating especially for you please email me for further information at

thanks for looking
Boo x

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Hi there,
Well, I finally completed my wedding gift for my lovely niece, Jenni and her new husband, Ben. I sure hope they like it.

Everything was created using Photoshop CS3. I used the gorgeous kit 'Moon' and some awesome Word Arts created by some amazing Digital Artists as well as some gorgeous pages created by my very own talented Design Artist, Michelle.

Hey, you guys get to view this even before the Bride and Groom. I'd love to hear your comments. Let me know what you think and thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Whats next?

We are currently busy creating a new wedding photo-book for my niece Jenni and her boyfriend Ben.. They are getting married on March 20th this year in what promises to be a fairy-tale of a day. They actually won their £15000 wedding day courtesy of our local newspaper The Southport Visitor and have been featured almost weekly in their pursuit of the perfect wedding. So keep your eyes peeled for something rather special here soon.
Boo x

Being a Teacher~Making a Difference

A tribute to my lovely partner Jay.
He's a wonderful teacher dedicated to his pupils and helping them achieve their full potential. I wish I'd had a teacher like him when I was at school.

I created the book on photoshop cs3 using the 12x12 format. It contains 20 pages and is bound with a picture hard cover adding that lovely unique style.

Click here to view this photo book.

All about Lucy

This photbook was created using photoshop cs3 along with a gorgeous kit called 'precious' available at DigitalCreate (link in side bar) and the wonderful SimplyYin templates (available at her store).

The book was made for my partners god-daughter Lucy who will be celebrating her 18th birthday soon.After seeing the book I made for Jay over Christmas, everyone agreed this would make an ideal gift for a young lady on such a special birthday. The book is, as expected, beautiful and the quality of print second to none.

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